Infant Care

child care services

Our infant and Walker’s room is designed specifically for your baby’s needs. The room is spacious, allowing your child to explore the room freely in a safe environment. He/she will be given tender loving care with attention to all of his or her infant needs. Our well trained staff has many years of experience caring for infants and toddlers in a daycare and preschool environment.

Our infant care program provides a quality child education learning experience for your baby. Our early education program stimulates your child’s curiosity and growth development with music and movement, art, story time, and much more. Your baby will grow and learn with their caregivers, making the learning process enjoyable while preparing your baby to be ready for the move into the toddler’s pre K classroom.

If you are looking for an early learning center in the Santa Clara, CA area that specializes in infants, contact Kidz Academy Inc. today.