child care services

Welcome, parents, to our preschool class. At Kidz Academy Inc., this is an exciting class geared toward getting children ready to enter into Kindergarten. Our early learning center in Santa Clara, CA incorporates many different learning styles and focuses our academics to each child’s needs.

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are a big focus in getting ready for Kindergarten. Each child has different needs and levels of understanding that we try to recognize and build upon from there. The child sets the pace. They may need more focus on one subject than another, so during study times the children may be working on different subjects. The basics for Kindergarten readiness in this area include knowing the letters and sounds of the alphabet, recognizing numbers, having an understanding of addition and subtraction, and being able to read and write sight words.

This early education program incorporates different learning styles. Some children learn better by doing and seeing. Our child education projects are geared toward reinforcing our lessons as well as teaching other skills. We include dramatic play, free time, group play. We have had field trips to the fire station, Children’s Discovery museum, and the library. Our class has many fun activities, projects as well. These include music, song, dance, cooking, art, sports, and many others. Our pre K program works on teaching children cultural differences along with cultural acceptance. In class, we are introduced to other culture’s food, celebrations, and a handful of words in other languages.

There will be two parent conferences in November and May where the parents and teacher will discuss their child’s progress in different developmental areas as well as the child’s academic goals. The staff at Kidz Academy Inc. looks forward to this school year and helping the children get ready for their academic careers.